BISOFIX® Clamps for insulated pipes

BISOFIX® E13 for insulated pipes 8.0–168.3 mm
BISOFIX® E19 for insulated pipes 12.0–219.1 mm
BISOFIX® E25 for insulated pipes 12.0–219.1 mm
BISOFIX® E32 for insulated pipes 12.0–273.1 mm

Clamps for insulated pipes BISOFIX® are applied in places where it is necessary to anchor the distributions mechanically and at the same time maintain the continuity of the insulation of the distributions. When applied correctly, BISOFIX® clamps prevent the formation of thermal bridges and condensation, reduce the risk of corrosion under the insulation, prevent energy losses, save time on the construction site and increase the efficiency of assembly.


  • used in combination with elastomeric foam insulation
  • steam-resistant gluing for pipe installation
  • does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, formaldehyde or cadmium
  • fire class B2
  • PIR density for D <80mm = 80kg/m³
  • PIR density for D >80mm = 120kg/m³
  • temperature range -45 °C to +105 °C


WALRAVEN - BISOFIX Clamps for insulated pipes

Technical Specifications

BISOFIX® E13 for insulated pipes 8.0–168.3 mm

Part No.D
Pack 1
I1300000088.050 mm34.613.310025
I13000001010.250 mm36.813.310025
I13000001212.050 mm38.613.310025
I13000001515.050 mm41.613.310025
I13000001817.2 – 18.01050 mm44.613.310025
I13000002221.3 – 22.0½1550 mm48.613.310025
I13000002826.9 – 28.0¾2050 mm55.013.510025
I13000003533.7 – 35.012550 mm61.613.310025
I13000004242.43250 mm69.013.315025
I13000004848.34050 mm74.913.322525
I13000005454.050 mm80.613.322525
I13000005757.050 mm83.613.335025
I13000006060.325050 mm88.113.935025
I13000006464.050 mm100.018.035025
I13000007070.050 mm102.616.342525
I13000007676.16550 mm108.716.357525
I13000008988.938050 mm124.717.987525
I130000102101.650 mm134.216.31,00025
I130000108108.050 mm140.616.31,07525
I130000114114.3410050 mm152.118.91,25025
I130000133133.0100 mm165.616.31,47525
I130000140139.75125100 mm176.118.21,7005
I130000160159.0 – 160.0100 mm192.616.31,9505
I130000168168.36150100 mm200.916.32,1255

BISOFIX® E19 for insulated pipes 12.0–219.1 mm

Part No.D
Pack 1
I19000001212.050 mm50.619.310025
I19000001515.050 mm54.019.510025
I19000001817.2 – 18.01050 mm56.619.310025
I19000002221.3 – 22.0½1550 mm60.619.310025
I19000002826.9 – 28.0¾2050 mm66.619.310025
I19000003533.7 – 35.012550 mm74.819.910025
I19000004242.43250 mm81.019.315025
I19000004848.34050 mm88.119.922525
I19000005454.050 mm100.023.022525
I19000005757.050 mm103.023.022525
I19000006060.325050 mm100.119.935025
I19000006464.050 mm114.625.335025
I19000007070.050 mm124.627.342525
I19000007676.16550 mm126.725.357525
I19000008988.938050 mm139.525.387525
I190000102101.650 mm152.225.31,00025
I190000108108.050 mm158.625.31,07525
I190000114114.3410050 mm164.925.31,25025
I190000133133.0100 mm192.029.51,4755
I190000140139.75125100 mm192.126.21,7005
I190000160159.0 – 160.0100 mm210.625.31,9505
I190000168168.36150100 mm218.925.32,1255
I190000219219.18200100 mm269.725.33,5253

BISOFIX® E25 for insulated pipes 12.0–219.1 mm

Part No.D
Pack 1
I25000001212.050 mm62.625.310025
I25000001515.050 mm66.025.510025
I25000001817.2 – 18.01050 mm68.625.310025
I25000002221.3 – 22.0½1550 mm75.426.710025
I25000002826.9 – 28.0¾2050 mm78.625.310025
I25000003533.7 – 35.012550 mm88.026.510025
I25000004242.43250 mm100.028.815025
I25000004848.34050 mm100.125.922525
I25000005454.050 mm104.625.322525
I25000005757.050 mm107.625.322525
I25000006060.325050 mm110.925.335025
I25000006464.050 mm128.632.335025
I25000007070.050 mm134.632.342525
I25000007676.16550 mm140.732.357525
I25000008988.938050 mm153.532.387525
I250000102101.650 mm166.232.31,00025
I250000108108.050 mm176.034.01,0755
I250000114114.3410050 mm178.932.31,2505
I250000133133.0100 mm197.632.31,4755
I250000140139.75125100 mm205.132.71,7005
I250000160159.0 – 160.0100 mm224.632.31,9505
I250000168168.36150100 mm232.932.32,1253
I250000219219.18200100 mm283.732.33,5253

BISOFIX® E32 for insulated pipes 12.0–273.1 mm

Part No.D
Pack 1
I32000001212.050 mm76.632.310025
I32000001515.050 mm80.032.510025
I32000001817.2 – 18.01050 mm82.632.310025
I32000002221.3 – 22.0½1550 mm88.033.010025
I32000002827.0 – 28.0¾2050 mm100.036.010025
I32000003533.7 – 35.012550 mm100.032.510025
I32000004242.43250 mm108.032.815025
I32000004848.34050 mm112.932.322525
I32000005454.050 mm124.635.322525
I32000006060.325050 mm124.932.335025
I32000006464.050 mm152.044.035015
I32000007070.050 mm152.041.042515
I32000007676.16550 mm156.740.357515
I32000008988.938050 mm176.143.68755
I320000102101.650 mm192.045.21,0005
I320000108108.050 mm192.042.01,0755
I320000114114.3410050 mm194.940.31,2505
I320000133133.0100 mm218.442.71,4755
I320000140139.75125100 mm220.340.31,7005
I320000160159.0 – 160.0100 mm241.040.51,9503
I320000168168.36150100 mm248.940.32,1253
I320000219219.18200100 mm315.148.03,5253
I320000273273.110250100 mm353.640.34,9253

2S Clamp (M8/10)
Metal sleeves without lining

2S Clamp M8/10 are galvanized clamps offered for fixing steel, copper and plastic (multi-layer) pipes Ø 10 mm up to Ø 225 mm including.

The range offered has an optimized design and provides a solution for every light and medium load in accordance with RAL GZ-655. Quick and easy installation makes installation work more efficient.

Features & Benefits

  • gapless range
  • anti loss washers prevent screws from falling out during installation
  • perfect solution for insulated pipe supports
  • material: steel


Part No.D
b x s
RALPack 1
3303501410 – 14⅛ – ¼6 – 8M8/1046352520 x 1.00M5700RAL150
3303501915 – 1910M8/1051402820 x 1.00M5700RAL150
3303502420 – 24½15M8/1056453020 x 1.00M5700RAL150
3303503025 – 30¾20M8/1062513320 x 1.00M5700RAL150
3303503731 – 37125M8/1069583720 x 1.00M5700RAL150
3303504638 – 4632M8/1078684220 x 1.25M5850RAL150
3303505247 – 5240M8/1084744520 x 1.25M5850RAL150
3303506153 – 61250M8/1093834920 x 1.25M5850RAL150
3303506762 – 67M8/1099895320 x 1.25M5850RAL150
3303507468 – 74M8/10111965620 x 1.50M61,400RAL150
3303508175 – 8165M8/101181036020 x 1.50M61,400RAL150
3303508782 – 87M8/101241096320 x 1.50M61,400RAL150
3303509588 – 95380M8/101361196823 x 2.00M62,000RAL150
3303510396 – 103M8/101431277223 x 2.00M62,000RAL150
33035112104 – 112M8/101531367623 x 2.00M62,000RAL125
33035118113 – 1184100M8/101591427923 x 2.00M62,000RAL125
33035127119 – 127M8/101681518423 x 2.00M62,000RAL125
33035137128 – 137M8/101781618923 x 2.00M62,000RAL125
33035144138 – 1445125M8/101851689223 x 2.00M62,000RAL125
33035153145 – 153M8/101941779723 x 2.00M62,000RAL125
33035162154 – 162M8/1020318610123 x 2.00M62,000RAL125
33035172163 – 1726150M8/1021719910925 x 2.50M63,300RAL125
33035183173 – 183M8/1022721011425 x 2.50M63,300RAL115
33035194184 – 194M8/1023922112025 x 2.50M63,300RAL115
33035205195 – 205M8/1024923212525 x 2.50M63,300RAL115
33035216206 – 216M8/1026024313025 x 2.50M63,300RAL115
33035225217 – 2258200M8/1027125313625 x 2.50M63,300RAL110

WALRAVEN – 2S CLAMP documents download (PDF)

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