Removable insulation for fittings – SIA

SIA insulation for a maximum surface temperature of up to 250 °C.

Advantages of using SIA:

  • reduction of heat loss
  • fast and simple installation and disassembly
  • reduction in energy costs
  • burn protection for staff
  • reusable
  • washable surface


Removable fitting insulation is comprised of three functional layers:

  • Temperature resistant fabric on the internal surface, which is in contact with the insulated equipment or fittings.
  • Insulation filling, 60 mm thick.
  • Outer fabric finish.

The insulation filling is a mineral strip with an outside layer of aluminum foil. The thickness of the layer of insulation prevents heat loss and protects operators from burns, the maximum use temperature is 250 °C. We offer a range of products from standard sizes to atypical dimensions produced to order.

Applications and use cases

SIA products are used for applications that require heat loss reduction, rapid installation and disassembly. Typical examples of use cases for removable insulation are on regular or intermediate flange shut-off valves, filters, non-return and other valves, miscellaneous fittings and pipe components. SIA is used in industrial and manufacturing plants – in boiler rooms heat exchangers, power stations, etc.


The standard SIA product range is produced according to the DN and PN of individual fittings. For nonstandard types of fittings and equipment, custom designs will be suggested based on our client’s documentation or in-person measurements.


Installation can only be carried out on equipment that is out of operation. SIA is installed longitudinally on the insulated pipe fittings, temporarily attached with velcro fasteners, tightened using laces at the end of the removable insulation and modified to tightly hug the insulated surface. Finally, velcro straps are used to close it in its final position.

SIA - removable insulation for industrial fittings

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